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Boy that was born with a heart outside his body survived and now 3 years old

Boy that was born with a heart outside his body survived and now 3 years old

Another story of love, hope and faith was heard and witnessed by some when Ryan Marquiss was born.

Ryan Marquiss was one of the babies that were born with an unusual disease. He was born with his heart outside his chest. Another thing is that his heart was not fully developed, doctors said that it he only had half a heart – a combination of defects.

The disease of this kind was very rare to children and can occur only to eight in every million births. Ninety percent of these cases cause death of babies even before they were born or die with a maximum of three days after birth. This kind of defect or disease was termed as ectopia cordis.

During Mrs. Marquiss 12 weeks of pregnancy, the doctors already told her the problem and detect the baby’s incapability to survive. The Doctors even advised her to stop or to terminate the pregnancy because it may cause some more complications. But the family bravely refused and just keep holding on to their faith hoping that the baby would still survive.

On February 2009 with the helped of 30 medical professionals, the delivery of Ryan had been successful through a caesarean. The doctor about heart at the Children’s National Medical Centre, Dr. Mary Donofrio said that even if he survived the birth, he will not live long since his heart may exposed to germs and bacteria that could eventually kill him. And his survival is truly a miracle.

But everyone was really amazed of the family’s faith to God and to the boy’s undefined braveness. Because up to this time the boy that everyone thought would not live longer than three days is now three years old.

He had been through several operations so that he’s half heart could function as a full heart and put some tissues to cover his heart. But he is a tough kid; he’d been so brave and keeps on fighting every operation he’d gone through. His mother is so happy and keeps on praising the goodness of God every time she sees his child playing around like any other kid, the child that they said she couldn’t have.

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