Noli de Castro to appear on “Gandang Gabi Vice”

Gandang Gabi Vice
Kabayan on Gandang Gabi Vice

Another exciting and full of fun Sunday is up ahead for the viewers of “Gandang Gabi Vice” as Kabayan Noli de Castro appears in the hit comedy show.

“Gandang Gabi Vice” which is being aired in the Kapamilya Network, ABS-CBN has been successful since it was launched back in May.

Comedian host, Vice Ganda has always been vocal in his admiration to the former Vice President and currently one of the lead news anchors in TV Patrol World. In one of his interview, Vice mentioned that he really wants to meet de Castro in person and guest him in his new show.

The appearance of Noli de Castro has been confirmed by the executive producer of the show and everyone is very much excited about it.

Vice Ganda’s tag line “Kabayan meets Kabayo” will finally came to life as the two most admired people in the world of television meets face to face. According to vice, this is a dream come true for him and such an honor to interview de Castro in his show.

Noli de Castro has been one of the most respected anchors in the world of news but went out in the spotlight for a couple of years after he served as the Vice President of the Philippines under Gloria Arroyo’s regime.

Guesting of de Castro in “Gandang Gabi Vice” will be seen on Sunday right after Pilipinas Got Talent in ABS-CBN network.

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