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Mermaid Baby Born in Camarines Norte, Philippines

Mermaid baby

Mermaid baby in Camarines Norte, Philippines

A baby girl born in Camrines Norte, Philippines on July 31, 2011 with two legs combined each other that look as of the mermaid tail.

Jane Sariba, 18 year old who gave birth of a mermaid baby in their own house in Barangay Matuog-tuog, Camarines Norte was astonished that the baby she gave birth was like a mermaid.

She believed that the causes of giving abnormal birth of a mermaid baby were that she always went to the seashore and being devotee watcher of “Mutya” the ABS-CBN soap opera starred a little mermaid as the important character.

After giving birth they brought the mermaid baby to the hospital but because of the serious condition the little mermaid died along the way.

According to Dr. Mary Ann Mesalucha – neonatologist, the baby appears to be unique as what we called ‘sirenomelia’ or commonly known as “mermaid syndrome” a congenital deformity that occurs very rarely sometimes considered offensive. In this case, the born baby usually has two legs fused together that look like a mermaid.

“There is a disruption in the blood supply in the lower extremities” said Dr. Mesalucha. One out of 100 would be the chances of giving birth in this condition according to the study, she added.

To avoid this kind of baby abnormality, it is strongly recommended for all women pregnant to consult a doctor and eat foods rich in folic acid.

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