Royal Kiss To A Nanny

Lillie Piccio: Filipina Nanny of Prince William From Bacolod City

Lillie Piccio was probably the only Filipino who was invited to, and attended, the Royal “Reception”  held at the Clarence House between Prince William Duke of Cambridge and Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge. She shared his unforgettable experience during the reception between the two royals.

With almost two billion people watching the wedding worldwide there was a story of a Filipino who had touched the hearts of those who had seen the heartwarming welcome accorded to the Filipino nanny. Aracelli “Lilllie” Piccio shared his story in one of the interview conducted by a local Filipino News Channel.

After the televised kissed between the two royal couples that was watched by millions or billions of people on television after the wedding at the balcony of Buckingham Palace, the next in line that had been kissed by Prince William was Lillie Piccio the former nanny of Prince William and Prince Harry.

According to Lillie when they were lined up during the reception he was immediately recognized by Prince William who had came to her and hugged her like a long lost son eager for a mother’s hug. People who were gathered were amazed by the gesture of Prince William accorded to the Filipina nanny.

The scene which touched thousands of people’s lives had been one of the most important part of the life of Prince William, his down-to-earth character and humbleness despite his standing as the one who was second in line for the British throne was an amazing display of how he had been raised up by Princess Diana.

Here is the complete story of Lillie’s experienced as interviewed by GMA 7:

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  • jessie j May 6, 2011, 6:19 pm

    “Lillie Piccio the only Filipino invited and attended the Royal Wedding…”

    Not true. I caught sight of at least one other Filipino there.. undeniable because he was resplendent in a barong and, my luck, just as I had tuned in to the live streaming online video as he walked into the church with a few other (caucasian) guests. He is most probably Deputy Amb(removed)ador Reynaldo Catapang, the Head of Missions in London. He did mention, in p(removed)ing, that he might be attending the wedding.

    It would be more accurate to say that she (Ms. Piccio) was probably the only Filipino who was invited to, and attended, the Royal “Reception” =)

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