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Life, Works, and Ideals of Bonifacio : A Subject to be Taught in College

Andres Bonifacio, Father of the Katipunan

Andres Bonifacio, Father of the Katipunan

Andres Bonifacio was also one of those many influential people we are blessed to have in our country. He made great contributions during the Spanish regime in gaining our country’s independence which we are enjoying right now.

To bring another honor unto him, a bill regarding his inspiring life and contributions was being filed to the Congress. The said bill was being submitted by Party List Representative of KABATAAN Party List, Mr. Raymond Palatino.

The bill was filed as House Bill No. 4543. This bill aims to promote another subject to be taught in college that covers the life of another Philippine National Hero Andres Bonifacio. Like Rizal, it will be known as “The Life, Works, and Ideals of Andres Bonifacio”, as he was recognized as the one who led the revolution against the maltreatment of the Spaniards to the Filipinos during the 19th century. Bonifacio was then become famous for his title, the “Father of the Katipunan”.

In the said bill, Mr. Raymond Palatino emphasizes that as students of tertiary level go on with their individual lives, they should also learn to apply the highest ideals of nationalism Bonifacio possessed during his time. He also states about the role of the government in promoting nationalism and patriotism under the Philippine Constitution.

Palatino also said that it would be much easier for the nation to build that value of patriotism and nationalism primarily to students “if a course on the life of our heroes should be included in the collegiate curricula. These lessons will shape the character needed for personal, community and national development.”

A course which covers the life of Rizal has already been taught in college for several years, so it would be much better if Bonifacio will also be included as a single subject in college although he was also partially included under the History subjects in elementary, high school, and college.


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