Wrestlemania: Biggest Wrestling Event of the Year

Matches of WrestleMania 27

Wrestlemania is an annual event that featured professional wrestling matches  that were played out on WWE’s television program. The event which was held annually was produced by World Wrestling Entertainment.

This years edition was attended by more than 71,000 spectators at the Georgia Dome in Atalanta Georgia. April, 03, 2011 was one of the most memorable date in wrestling history. It showcased the best wrestlers in the world today.

The triumphant return of The Rock to the wrestling arena have caught the attentions of all the fans who loved wrestling for they are eager to see The Rock again wrestling. The Rock did not wrestle, he was one of the guest host of the event.

Here are the final results of Wrestlemania 27: April 03, 2011

1. WWE Champion The Miz defeated the more popular John Cena.

2. The Undertaker defeated Triple H

3.  Jerry “The King” Lawler was defeated by Michael Cole.

4. CM Punk was defeated by Randy Orton.

5. James Morrison, Trish Stratus and Snooki defeated Dolph Ziggler.

6. Big Show, Kane, and Santino Marella defeated The Corree.

7. The Great Kali won for over- the-to-rope Wrestlemania Battle Royal.

8. Cody Rhode defeated Rey Mysterio.

9. Depending World Heavyweight Champion prevailed against Alberto Del Rio.

The 27th year edition of wrestlemania was indeed a successful event in wrestling history. “Written in the stars” was the theme song of the most anticipated match in wrestling history. This year’s tagline was “The Biggest WrestleMania Ever. ”


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