Diego Montano Loyzaga the New ‘Kapamilya’ Actor of ABS-CBN, Philippines

Diego Montano Loyzaga
Diego Montano Loyzaga the new Kapamilya actor

Following the footsteps of his parents namely Cesar Montano and Teresa Loyzaga, 15 year old Diego Montano Loyzaga is taking his path to the showbiz world.

Recently, Diego signed a three-year exclusive contract with ABS-CBN and his first project was to be part of the top rating soap opera, the remake of “Mara Clara” which starred Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes.

Diego spent his childhood in Australia together with his mother, however, every time that he got the chance to visit here in the Philippines, he had been already expressing his interest in becoming a part of the his parents “showbiz” world.

On the press release, as part of Diego’s preparation for his upcoming role in “Mara Clara”, just like any other artist, he had been into workshops. He came across with great Star Magic mentors like Malou De Guzman.

Since he came from a family of great actors, Diego was vocal that he felt the pressure but he was taking the pressure in a lighter and positive manner.

On how far and what Diego can offer to “Mara Clara” was something that people had to look forward and since his parents were both respected in their craft, surely Diego would be going to a very long way.

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