Fire Starter or Pyrokinesis: 3-Year old Child from Iloilo City Make Fire by Imagination – Video Report

Iloilo City, Philippines 3-year old child make fire by imagination

In the ‘Municipality of San Jose de Buenavista’, Antique, Iloilo City Philippines spreads like fire the rumor about the 3-year old child capable of making fire simply by just saying “fire”.

Emma the 3-year old child, every time that she says ‘fire’ and mentioned the object she wants to set fire on it immediately the fire started burning to the mentioned item.

According to Karen Tablate the mother of the 3-year old child, “Anything she mentioned and speaks for the object to be burned that is what actually happened. I supposed not to believed, but because I witnessed what actually happened, so it is.”

Benedicto Tablate father of the child said, “I cannot explain about the unusual happening to my daughter. I hardly believe that she can do such unbelievable thing”.

Nelfa Escanillas one of the witnesses and a fire victim said. “February 21, 2011, my daughter actually witnessed with her eyes the fire blazing near our kitchen and consumed our nipa roof in the kitchen. The following days, Monday, then Tuesday, the calendar attached the wall was also consumed by fire.”

“When she was speaking ‘Fire’ to the radio, pillow, blanket and mat that is exactly what happened. Even to our dress in the wardrobe was not safe,” she added.

The odd story about Emma was first covered by GMA Iloilo correspondence Carol Velagio and camera man Mark Villaluz.

“I have seen the fire she made, even her underwear also burning. I don’t believe that it was only a trick. I know they are just poor, and being a mother you cannot afford to burn those important things they cannot easily get,” said Velagio.

“The camera I have used suddenly malfunctioned after Emma spoke fire on it. When I check it up, there was no fire on it. It removed the tape then try to record but still displayed error. But when we came to the city I tried recording, then it works,” said Mark Villaluz the camera man.

Policemen were also watching and observed the events although about a week Emma does not do anything unusual.

SPO4 Manfredo Palcat can prove what Emma can do. “I was aghast since this is my first time to experience such unusual things a child can do,” Palcat said.

“The bread she had eaten suddenly blazed after she was saying, fire…fire…” added Palcat.

Suddenly, the news spread out that the true responsible of several burning was the evil spirit in the form of ‘Black dwarfs’ stayed at the back of the house of the child.

“Emma know it, because she told us about them if they were angry or whether they were sleeping or awaken” said her mother.

Pastor Edmundo Celis of God’ Love Ministry from Bacolod City, actually casted out and delivered the child from being possessed by the devil.

“The way I look at the situation, there is somebody invisible who was actually responsible of all unusual happenings,” Celiz said.

“Every time she spoke about fire and mentioned the object, once you get into it that is exactly what happened but she was not actually the one responsible of doing the fire,” he added.

SF02 John Bonitillo Chief, Intelligence and Investigation Section, who made their investigation together with the experts, said “Unexplained, we come to the experts but seems paranormal phenomenon,” Bonitillo said.

With our own investigation, we used Thermal camera with Dexter Espino the Infrared Thermographer to measure the temperature all around the area of incidents and even the body temperature. We have been testing the house of Emma and even the said house of the dwarfs but all were normal. We also test the temperature of the child but still everything is normal.

Ada Victoria the paranormal expert believed that Emma has the ability to make fire.

“She has gift from her past experiences, past life and from above, because it will not coming to her without the message fro God” Victoria said.

Ada herself being a psychic can make fire using her imagination.

Based in our Thermal camera, we have tested Ada’s temperature. From normal temperature of 35.3 Degree Celsius suddenly rose to 40.5 Degree Celsius as she did her imagination and successfully make fire out of it.

I cannot explain that why I got that temperature from her. I would say it’s something unusual that I got some sources of temperature, but I don’t know because I only focus to one angle,” Espino said.


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