3 Filipino drug mules are running out of time

3 Filipino drug mules are running out of time
3 Filipino drug mules are running out of time

The Government is trying to do all they can to save our fellowmen in China. Would that kind of statement bring hope to the families of the three Filipino mules?

Until now, the Philippines are trying to bargain with the Chinese government.

Vice President Jejomar Binay went to Beijing last month               to please china for the three convicted Filipinos the trip was quite successful because it resulted to the postponement of the said execution but that postponement was not yet the end of everything.

Liu Jianchao stated that “verdict is a final verdict”. No exact date but the execution is still going on. The request to change the death sentence of the trios namely; Ramon Credo, Sally Villanueva, Elizabeth Batain into life imprisonment was being ignored. Last Thursday, Chinese Amb(–foul word(s) removed–)ador announced to let the Philippines know that the death penalty will not be postponed and it will be carried out sooner or later.

He also said that “as a formal agreement between the two governments that the penalty would be done through diplomatic channels and the Philippines would be notified about the actual way”.

“The said execution was postponed but it wasn’t cancelled”.  He added.

Due to Lius announcement the hopes and the chances which uplift the three Filipinos and their families as well was like a boat that sank in the bottom of the ocean. That particular announcement was being described as “unfortunate “by Binay’s office.

Any other Legal way for the three Filipino Drug mules to escape execution there was none. And it seems that the the Philippine government is giving up to their impending execution.

Some agreed with what amb(–foul word(s) removed–)ador Liu had said. According to some people that was  interviewed  “the three Filipino Drug mules deserved the punishment because their execution is not to take the lives of these people but to let everyone know that involving with drug related crime was one of the greatest sin we can commit and for us to avoid doing it”.

But until now the Philippine government is trying to negotiate with China. They are still holding tightly that little amount of hope that remains.

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