Vic Sotto & Pauleen Luna Secret Marriage in Macau not True


Pauleen Luna denied the rumors that recently surfaced online regarding the secret marriage issue between her and boyfriend Vic Sotto in Macau during the Holy Week 2013.

According to some unconfirmed reports that surfaced online, the controversial TV host and comedian, Vic Sotto and his current love interest Pauleen Luna allegedly exchanged “I do’s” privately in Macau.

Based upon the rumors, the 24-year-0ld Pauleen Luna and the 59-year-old Vic Sotto was involved in a secret wedding that took place while they were spending their vacation during the Holy Week in Macau.

Vic Sotto has not spoken about the issue since the the rumors started but Pauleen Luna on her part did say something about it. According to a tabloid report by  Banderablogs, the actress denied that she secretly tied the knot with Vic Sotto during their Macau trip.

Aside from denying the secret marriage issue, she also clarified that they were traveling in a group.

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